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Your 5-Step Guide to Connecting With Your Superconscious

For most of my life, I was told that power came from outside of me. Anytime there was a challenge in my life—health, financial, emotional, spiritual, or relational—I assumed there was something wrong with me that I had to overcome. I was on a continual search to find something that would fix the problem.

The following is adapted from You’re Not Broken.

For most of my life, I was told that power came from outside of me. Anytime there was a challenge in my life—health, financial, emotional, spiritual, or relational—I assumed there was something wrong with me that I had to overcome. I was on a continual search to find something that would fix the problem.

Maybe you were told the same thing? If so, then I have news for you: power doesn’t come from some outside source. It comes from within! Once I realized I had the power to create, transform, and heal, everything was different.

The key to connecting back to your power is realizing you are not your body, but creative energy that is having a body experience. Once you understand that you can tap into your Superconscious, which is connected to infinite information, you really can create miracles. Not only that, but you can access information, receive guidance about what path you should take, and so much more. Sound good? Let me show you how!

Understanding Your Superconscious

Your Superconscious mind is an infinite field of information. It is always there. You have been able to work with it many times before, because it is you. It’s just that up until now, you have not had a system to connect and communicate predictably with this part of yourself. You might not even have known this part of yourself existed!

Your Superconscious works in two ways: to give you instructions on how to be, and provide insight into the future. It does this by sending you messages through the three “brains” you have in your physical body: your heart/chest field (activated when you are in your truth, growth, and positive end results), your gut/stomach field (activated when you are coming from fear/uncertainty/doubt), and your head.

#1: Drop Into Your Heart

The first step in communicating with your Superconscious and becoming a manifestor is to drop down into your heart field and access your innocence. The heart field is your connection to your childlike, playful imagination. Most of us are not familiar with experiencing the world from this place. We stopped doing it a long time ago.

Have you ever seen a baby at the beach for the first time, a kitten playing with a leaf in the wind, or lovers in the budding stage of romance? If so, you’ve seen the joy that comes from witnessing something for the first time.

Unfortunately, you won’t notice this on the face of many adults because they have already learned everything they need to know. They have generalized the world around them to fit into pre-programmed models that already exist, and they are missing out on accessing their Superconscious.

If you want to drop into your heart, you have to let go of your preprogrammed worldview of “how it is.” Only from this place can you see what is really in front of you, what actions you should take, and what is true. This is the first step in hearing/perceiving what information the Superconscious has for you. Genius information and intuition are outside of what you already know.

#2: Use Direct Communication

The next step involves connecting with your Superconscious to get information. Direct communication with the Superconscious is easy to do and is done most effectively with muscle/body testing. Body testing is a good way to get answers straight from your Superconscious because it goes around your thinking brain.

One caveat to body testing: it’s incredibly effective, but it’s also slow. You have to know the right questions to ask, or go through a binary yes/no question set to finally find the truth.

Be patient—it’s worth it. In fact, it’s one of the most valuable tools available to you because you can use it to find the exact resistance that’s stopping you (or someone else) from taking the correct action.

#3: Get Clear Messages

The next step to fully connecting with your Superconscious is to communicate with it by getting clear messages. These are usually metaphors, symbols, sounds, images, stories, and sometimes a word. The message is always positive, and never negative or literal.

To ensure I get correct information from the Superconscious, I create a specific container for the information I’m after, and then I trust what I get. Once I have a symbol or message from the Superconscious, I must make up (or form) what it signifies. Invention is the most creative act there is.

Once you have the connection, you can simply ask or command the Superconscious to change the instructions. Or, you can ask it to give you insight into the truth.

#4: Receive Guidance

Now that you know how to connect to your Superconscious, you can receive information from the field, which is really fun. The key is allowing yourself to make it up, and learning to trust what you get.

It’s an advanced process, and you don’t have to do it every time. Having the ability to receive a yes and a no is often more than enough. However, learning to receive guidance is the highest form of communicating with the Superconscious. Remember, what you receive is never negative or literal.

For example, I was once working with a client, and the guidance I saw was him killing a young boy. This was obviously not literal. It meant it was time for him to kill the inner boy and step into owning his life like a man. No matter what guidance you receive, you must find your own meaning.

#5: Use the Wisdom Process

There is a process for receiving this guidance; I call it the “Wisdom Process.” Let’s go through the process step by step so you can see how to do it.

The first thing to do is define what choice you want information on. Say, “I choose the end result of (whatever you want—perhaps prosperity). Next, connect to the Superconscious by dropping into your heart.

Once connected, you will use open-ended questions to get a symbol, vision, or metaphor. Use open open-ended-questions like, “What are all the possible ways I could achieve this?” By doing this, you allow your Superconscious to go on a search of the field and come back with information for you.

Whatever you get, you must start writing down what it suggests. As you write the meaning, you may end up in a completely different place than you presumed. If you happen to get a vision of exactly what you think you are supposed to do, write that down. It may or may not change, but write it down so you have it.

Once you have information, the next step is to decipher what it means. To do this, interpret it through your imagination and make it up. Remember, you must allow yourself to make up what you are getting and what is coming through. Allow possibilities to be there, and allow yourself to flow.

Infinite Information at Your Fingertips

Can you imagine, just for a moment, how incredible this is? By connecting to your Superconscious and re-learning how to communicate with it, you have infinite information at your fingertips. You have a way to harness the power that is within you and create miracles.

No more struggling to figure out how to solve a problem. No more trying to figure out what outside source is going to fix things for you. With the direct line you’ve established to the Superconscious, you can tap into all the answers you need, anytime you want. And that, my friend, is how you reclaim your own innate power.

You're Not Broken

This FREE Book Reveals How To Unlock Your Magnetic Mind & Become Superconscious!