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How to Use the Recode Process to Achieve All of Your Dreams

Did you know that there’s a process anyone can use to achieve anything they want? It’s true—I’ve taught hundreds of people to use it, and you can learn it too.  It’s called the Recode process. Essentially, it allows you to use your Superconscious to treat/change any resistance you have to an end result you would like to manifest.

The following is adapted from You’re Not Broken.

Did you know that there’s a process anyone can use to achieve anything they want? It’s true—I’ve taught hundreds of people to use it, and you can learn it too. 

It’s called the Recode process. Essentially, it allows you to use your Superconscious to treat/change any resistance you have to an end result you would like to manifest.

To be able to manifest anything, you have to decide to go for the desired reality and step into the emotion of having it. However, when you do this, you will find that you’re not 100 percent feeling good about taking the obliged action. This feeling is called resistance.

Resistance is not a bad thing. It’s just a previous creation designed to keep you from ending up in painful situations. However, if you can’t move past the resistance, you won’t be able to create a new reality. Everything will stay the same.

To help you step out of the resistance, I’m going to show you how you can use the Recode process. In fact, I’ll walk you through a trial Recode so you can see exactly what to do. Once you’ve mastered the process, then all you have to do when you want to create a new reality is to use the process to move through your resistance. Excited? I am! Let’s get started!

Find a “Charge”

Before we dive into the Recode, you need to find something you feel some resistance about changing. I want you to witness a shift at the end of our trial session, so it’s best to work on something you have a “charge” on. However, since this is your first time working the Recode process, you don’t want to pick something that’s central to your identity. 

Working on the anxiety of public speaking, or fear of an insect or animal, makes for a great test session because the identity doesn’t have to give much up to experience the Recode. There is not much at stake.

So, pick something you have a charge on that doesn’t have huge identity resistance. Aim for something with a charge of six or seven out of ten, with ten being the highest negative emotion you could feel.

It might help to think of a negative emotion that is sometimes triggered for you. The trigger might happen in a close relationship (you get so annoyed when X does Y), or it might occur with certain circumstances (you see X on the news, and you feel Y).

Start the Session

Once you have decided on your focus, please write it down. “The test session I will be focused on X. The resistance I feel is a ___ out of ten.”

Once you have chosen your test, set a clear end result of how you would like to feel instead. For example, “When I see a spider, I choose to feel calm and centered” or “When I speak on stage, I chose to feel natural and confident.”

Go ahead and write that down: “I choose to feel X when Y.”

Now we’re going to “collapse the wave of possibilities” and choose this end result. Do this by closing your eyes, using your imagination to step into the reality you desire, choosing to have it, accepting it as true, and experiencing it.

What is it like? How does it feel? How great would it be to have this reality? Witness yourself at that moment the exact way you desire, staying in the end result for at least twenty seconds.

Did you do it? Did it feel good? Okay, so now we want to figure out what is stopping you from feeling that way all the time. You will do this by dropping into the “current reality” into the current of the river of desire—where you are now.

Ask yourself: Compared to the reality I desire, what is it like now? Then, ask: Where am I now? What have I created compared to what I desire? What thoughts and feelings do I have? How am I defining myself? Others? And the world? What conflicts do I have? 

Finish the sentence, “It would be really nice to have that result, but I can’t because X”? Make sure you write down your answers and responses to all these questions.

Connect to the Superconscious

Now that you have allowed the resistance to come into the active experience, you need to own that you are the Superconscious creator, and you created all of this. 

Accept that your resistance was useful at some time. Note that I said it was “useful.” Not right, not wrong, just useful. You do not need to know why it is there, just that it is.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to change the instructions so the resistance is no longer there. Let’s connect to the Superconscious.

To connect, I want you to drop into the field of your heart by closing your eyes and taking a few big breaths. Picture a small baby or child having fun playing with a small furry kitten. 

Watch the joy in their face and experience how it is for them in that moment. Connect to their playful joy in the moment, and witness a part of yourself in them as you remember what it was like to be a child (or, make it up). 

Remember what you love, and remember you have an imagination. With each breath, allow yourself to connect with your heart. Connect with these two beautiful young energies and feel joy for no reason at all as you drop deeper into your heart. Allow yourself to sit there for a moment or two.

Now, ask to connect to your Superconscious and get a sensation in the body to signal a “yes.” Say, “Superconscious, are you there? Can you show me a yes?” Notice what you notice, what changes as you ask it. This is your yes.

Command your Superconscious to treat all the resistance to the end result you are creating. Ask it to treat the original event and all emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that are stopping the natural flow. “Superconscious, please treat all resistance, including the original event, emotions, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.”

Now, wait a few moments and notice what is different (you will likely feel or a sense a calm energy flow through you). When you feel it is right, ask your Superconscious if there is any resistance left over that needs to be treated today: “Superconscious, if there is any resistance left that needs to be treated today,please treat it.”

Step Back Into Your End Result

Wait a few moments, then step back into your end result. Experience the end result again as you would like it. Close your eyes and imagine yourself experiencing it in the perfect emotion. Notice what is different. Notice how you feel. Ask yourself, “What is different? What has changed?”

Open your eyes and think about your end result, and how you would like to be in that state in the future. What level of resistance do you have to being that way the next time you have the same experience? How will you feel if you are asked to speak in public? Or the next time a spider crawls in front of you? Or the next time that old, triggered emotion comes up?

Do you feel the same or different? Has the resistance dropped? What number is it out of ten?

You likely had at least a small drop in your resistance, and you’ve had your first experience of using your Superconscious to recode the resistance. Pretty cool, right? Remember, this is your very first go at it, and you will get a lot better, so even if you only feel a slight or small change, it’s a start!

You Can Change Anything

You know a Recode has worked when what was stopping you from moving towards your end result is no longer a problem. We are not sitting still, asking what is wrong with us and trying to fix it. Instead, we are in momentum, moving towards a result we would love, and we are aligning with that.

In this process, you get to be a creator, you get to have it all, and you get to be in love with creating more things you love. This is the reason why we are on this planet, to experience our creative energy and witness ourselves creating! You are always creating, and you always have been; by learning the Recode process and how to connect with your Superconscious, you are just taking conscious control of your abilities.

For more advice on how to create any reality you want, you can find You’re Not Broken on Amazon.

Christopher M. Duncan is a New Zealander who lives in the Gold Coast, Australia, with his wife, Harriet. After a near-death experience in 2009, he dedicated his life to understanding how to create success and find meaning in the laws of the universe. What he discovered was that most people have been misled about the fundamental ways in which manifestation really works. After studying one-on-one with some of the most transformational minds in the world, Chris created the Magnetic Mind Method, teaching others how to become Superconscious and create anything they desire.

You're Not Broken

This FREE Book Reveals How To Unlock Your Magnetic Mind & Become Superconscious!