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Company Culture

We are the leading education and human transformation company for results driven individuals, we believe with the right structure and the right education every human can reach their full potential.​

Conscious Education Culture

Heart Centered

We are a team of heart-centred “maniacs on a mission”. We are here to make a difference. Our passion is to help make a change in peoples lives.

Above and Beyond

We do whatever it takes and go the extra mile with a steady focus on our chosen end result to establish and expand a global movement of liberated humans.

We Live By Our Content

We practice what we preach. We live our content and serve as an example to all the people around us whose lives we have the privilege to touch.

We Nurture Greatness

We challenge and call each other to greatness. We hold each other to our fullest potential so we can make the biggest impact and a huge difference in other people's lives.

We are a Family

We are family and we consider everyone who joins us on this journey as part of this CEC family as well. We create an amazing space and the right vibe for everyone to be able to make the most out of their experience working with us.

Meet Our People

Here are some of the leading minds driving our company’s
outcomes and mission to a level of absolute excellence.


Chris Duncan


Team Members

Harriet Duncan

General Manager

Alexi Coffey

Sales Director

Hannah Knies

Magnetic Mind Program Director

May Geronimo

Head of Operations & Human Resource

Esther Fernandez

Marketing Director

Cookie Almario

Business Program Director

Brittany Lowik

Creative Director

Maria Theresa Nebria

Automation Integration Director

Noel Fernandez

Head of Funnel and Website build
It’s possible to overcome all your limitations and magically manifest everything you desire. -Christophter Duncan