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Conscious Education

We are the leading education and human transformation company for results driven individuals, we believe with the right structure and the right education every human can reach their full potential.​

Conscious Education is the world leader in the creative process. The system we teach is the 5 step Superconscious creator code. It is the fastest way to create the life you love. We also have courses on Intuition, Transformation and Manifestations as well as Coaching Products and a full certification.
Conscious Education was founded in 2018 by Christopher Duncan, however it is a collaboration of many smart brains and an amazing team. We are most famous for our book "You're Not Broken" and the Superconscious Recode System. The Recode produce miracle transformation in minutes including having a blind man regain his eyesight (and many more) its an adaptation from years of training but mainly a combination of MAP, Natural Success Secrets, Creative Structure, Matrix Energetix, Energy healing and Transformative epigenetic meditation there is no one method out there that compares to what we do, here are some highlight of who I believe impacted our work the most.

Mark Deason "Deas" Introduced me to Robert Fritz in 2008 and I took his course in 2009 on the structure of creating and creating technologies I did all of Tony Robbins courses and got certified to master trainer in NLP and hypnosis.

Colette Streicher created MAP, which introduced the superconscious to Dr Gary flints work and her training as a psychotherapist. (Rochelle is fully certified in MAP) Harriet and I did all of Joe Dispenza training on visualization, epigenetics and transformative meditation. Richard Bartlett From Matrix energetix worked with me every month for a year on quantum healing/energy, we also went to 3 of his events. Michelle Masters taught us NLP and how to create unconscious change William Whitecloud was the other person who mentored me 1/1 on Natural Success/alchemy and creation.

We Are The Leading Education And Human Transformation Company For Results-Driven Individuals.
We Believe With The Right Structure And The Right Education Every Human Can Reach Their Full Potential.

Our Mission

Conscious Education is on a mission to impact 50 Million people’s lives through our coaching, teaching and events. We are leading a global movement of liberated humans that is growing exponentially. Our main goal is to help others understand their true power and Superconscious genius. We are dedicated to helping anyone willing to do the work to ignite their creational power and manifest absolute magic.