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3 Steps to Achieving Any Goal You Want

Every single one of us has an Unconscious mind that holds our feelings. It doesn’t know the difference between a thought about reality and a thought we create; it takes each as the same.

The following is adapted from You’re Not Broken.

Every single one of us has an Unconscious mind that holds our feelings. It doesn’t know the difference between a thought about reality and a thought we create; it takes each as the same. 

Before I get into why this is so important—and trust me, if you want to create an amazing life, understanding this is hugely important—I want to prove this to you. Think of an uncomfortable, scary, or embarrassing story. Close your eyes and remember it. Did you feel it in your body?

Of course you did! We all know we can have thoughts that are not happening in reality and have our body respond as though it is happening now. 

So now, back to why this is important. In a nutshell, this is the key to conditioning the Unconscious mind. When you condition your Unconscious mind, you can change its point of orientation. That’s how you create a new identity. 

Want to become wealthy? You need to create an abundant identity. Want to be healthy? You need to create that identity. Whatever you want to achieve, you need to create that identity.

So let’s do a little crash course on how you can use your Unconscious mind to achieve any goal you want. It’s not difficult—you really just need to master three steps.

#1: Understand What Your Unconscious Mind Believes

Your Unconscious is designed to keep the body alive and running. It has adapted the body to be in alignment with the internal environment, and will change and adapt based on how you change that internal environment.

Consider this example: Mary grew up in a stressful family environment. As a two-year-old, she witnessed her parents fighting, and when she was three, they divorced. This created a thought pattern of pain/abandonment, which sent instructions to her body to create feelings of unworthiness. 

Certain cells adjusted themselves to create a feeling to warn against loving someone because if you love them and they leave you, it hurts! This feeling became hardwired into her biology, and her Unconscious decided this was how the world is. 

Makes sense, right? She has a warning sign from her body to warn against something that caused pain. But what if she wants to go for a loving relationship?

As an adult, Mary cannot figure out why she can’t hold a relationship. Every time she gets close to someone, she finds a way to sabotage it. Every time she finds a relationship and feels love, she no longer sends the instructions to her body that she is unworthy. 

This results in her body thinking something is wrong. After a lifetime of receiving certain instructions and living in a certain internal environment, her body cries out like a heroin addict for another hit of unworthiness.

#2: Step Into the Emotion of the End Result

This is why stepping into the emotion of the end result is so important. By taking this step, you convince your unconscious of what you are going for, which has an interesting effect of “awakening” all the reasons why you shouldn’t/can’t do it. By noticing your resistance, you can use the superconscious to change the instructions ahead of time, which allows you to create without struggle.

Mary can treat the belief of unworthiness and realize she was always worthy. Her parents were just adults who needed to live separately. It had nothing to do with her.

When she changes these instructions and lives the emotion of the end results, her body will shift and adapt to the new feeling. Then, when the right relationship turns up, she can accept it.

This is not problem-solving. It is actively created, and the emotion of the end result is very important to ensure we have total internal alignment with what we desire. We do not want to get into an Unconscious relationship with that which we do not desire, so we need to experience the end result and next action as if we were doing it now and feeling really good about it.

#3: Use Visualizations to Create a New Reality

This is where visualization and imagination come in. We can pre-program our Unconscious mind to be ready to accept the end result we choose. We do this by visualizing a new reality, a new present moment. 

Many people get this backwards. They say, “If I have X, then I will feel Y.” For example, “If I had a million dollars, I would feel freedom,” or “If I had a supportive body, I would feel healthy.”

They have pushed the feeling out after they achieve something. Instead, you must get into the feeling, and then live that feeling now. The feeling is the communication system of the Unconscious, and it is 100 percent necessary to live the feeling first. Otherwise, you will never be able to create the reality you want.

You Can Condition Your Unconscious

See what I mean about this being a simple process? Yes, it will take work and practice, but by following these three steps, you can achieve anything you want. You are not limited by anything—not your age, your gender, where you live, your socioeconomic class…nothing. 

I know that it may sound too good to be true. But the truth is that once you condition your Unconscious, you can create any identity you want. Once you create the identity, you become a magnet for what you created. Then, it’s just like anything else: follow the process to get the desired results. So now, I guess the only question is, what do you want to achieve?

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Christopher M. Duncan is a New Zealander who lives in the Gold Coast, Australia, with his wife, Harriet. After a near-death experience in 2009, he dedicated his life to understanding how to create success and find meaning in the laws of the universe. What he discovered was that most people have been misled about the fundamental ways in which manifestation really works. After studying one-on-one with some of the most transformational minds in the world, Chris created the Magnetic Mind Method, teaching others how to become Superconscious and create anything they desire.

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